• Login & Password

  • How do I change my password?

    In case you want to change your password,Log in your Sexypeople.com.au account.Once logged in, go to 'My Playground' link that will contain your profile details.Click 'Edit Profile' link-> Edit Basic Information,you will see change password option,just fill the form and your password will be updated.

  • How do I sign up?

    To register with Sexypeople.com.au, click 'Join Now' link on the menu bar. Simply fill a small form and accept our general terms and conditions. By clicking on the 'Save' button you get a confirmation email with activation link. Check your email and click the activation link to activate your account.

  • How do I Login and Logout?

    Before you can log in as a registered member, you must create an account with Sexypeople.com.au. Once you are a registered member, you can log in at any time by clicking on 'Login Link' on upper right corner of our site. Enter your 'User Name' and 'Password' and click login button to access your account.For logout, click on the 'Logout Link' on upper right corner of our site.

  • Photos

  • How do I add photos to my profile?

    Log in your Sexypeople.com.au account.

    Once logged in, go to 'My Playground' link that will contain your profile details

    Follow below steps to upload photos and setting profile picture:

    1. Click 'Edit Profile' link-> My Photo button and follow the steps.

    2. Upload your photo by locating the path of the image.

    3. Uploaded photo will appear,click(In case of desktop,laptops) or touch (In case of smart device) the photo,crop it by using crop box (You can drag/expand the square box which you see on the image and select the area to crop)

    4. Click Crop button, you will see the cropped photo.

    5. Next click on Save button.

    6. Go to View Photos link,you will see the uploaded photo.

    7. You can click the 'Change' button below the photo and set it as profile picture by selecting the checkbox.

    Please Note:

    1. It is mandatory to first click on crop button and than click on save button for the photo to be uploaded properly.

    2. If you choose the 'Private' option your photo will not be visible to the public, but only your friends. If you set your photo as Public, it will be visible to other visitors on the site.

  • How do I edit or delete a photo?

    Log in your Sexypeople.com.au account.

    Once logged in, go to 'My Playground' link that will contain your profile details

    Click 'Edit Profile' link-> My Photo button.

    You cannot edit the photo,you can only delete the photo by clicking on the delete button.

  • How do I make my photo private/public?

    Log in your Sexypeople.com.au account.

    Once logged in, go to 'My Playground' link that will contain your profile details

    Click 'Edit Profile' link-> My Photo button.

    Click on link 'Change photo to public/private',your photo will be updated.

  • How do I see photos of other members?

    To see the photos of other members, click on their profile and go into their photo albums. You cannot see a member's private photos.You can also view photos by clicking photos link from the top menu bar.

  • Ways Of Communication

  • What are the different ways of communicating with other members?

    In order to get in touch with other members, click on the photos section or search member via search option. You can use the quick search section as well. Now select the members you want to get in touch with. Click on 'Add to Sexylist' option to send a friend request. Once the friend request is sent, the member can either accept or decline your request.

    You can communicate with other members by sending Swinks,Messages and Instant chat too .

  • How do I search other members?

    There are three search options given on the site.

    Click on the search menu and enter user's name in the search option given at the left side.

    The second option is the Advance Search that will appear on the right content pane. Fill the form and click on the search button.On the left of the search content pane is located “Other Searches”.

    You can also search a particular member through their photos

  • Technical Help

  • Which browser do we support?

    Sexypeople.com.au support all the popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome,Internet Explorer(9+),Safari,Opera.Remember to update your browser periodically to assure the highest level of security.
    Note: Internet Explorer might not be 100% compatible,so we recommend the use of Firefox or Chrome.

  • How do I update my browser?

    To ensure and enjoy error-free experience,it's necessary to keep the browser updated.To update your browser just download and install the latest version from your browser. The updates are mostly available for free and the process is speedy.

  • Trust & Safety

  • How secure are my personal details?

    Once you are the member of Sexypeople.com.au,we ensure you that your personal information is treated with the highest level of security.

  • How to report a concern?

    If a member is abusive or has displayed bad manners, the best option is to block. However, you can report the member you find suspicious or you doubt of scam or illegal activity.

    Go to the profile page of that member and report by clicking the report button. Once you are done, an email is sent to the administrator who can further suspend the reported member's account in case it is found irrelevant.